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LifeServices EAP provides Employee Assistance Programs, Professional Development Trainings, Work-Life Programs, and the availability of Wellness Programs.

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LifeServices EAP
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LifeServices Total Well-Being Model


Our Philosophy

Long-standing customer relationships for more than 30 years.

We are an EAP/WorkLife-only company

We have no associations with insurance companies, healthcare systems, etc.  That means no conflict of interest when making referrals from the EAP.  Providing excellent EAP services is our only line of business and we do it best.

Offering a Staff and Affiliate Model Support

Over 10,000 mental health provides in our affiliate network.

We open and staff our own office in the immediate location of large employers to ensure fast and easy accessibility to their LifeServices’ Account Management Team. Currently we have 17 fully staffed offices throughout the United States.

Healthy return on Your Investment

We believe the EAP should be promoted and used.  We focus on education and promotion with employee orientation sessions, supervisor trainings, onsite Critical Incident Stress Debriefings, and Promotional Materials to help engage your population.

Comprehensive Utilization Reports and Quality Assurance Survey Reports are always provided. Our client companies have a clear understanding of how their employees value our programs and services.


Customer-Service Oriented EAP for over 30 Years

Our toll-free line is answered live, 24/7/365. Callers reach a live attendant within 7 seconds.  Routine requests for counseling will be offered a face-to-face session with a local, licensed counselor within 2 working days of the call. Emergencies seen immediately. Human Resource Directors and Management staff always have quick and easy access to their Account Management Team for consultation, referrals, and emergencies.


Innovation Through Technology

AllOne Health’s ongoing commitment to evolving technologies allows us to continually improve upon the user experience and efficiency for our clients. Our EAP solutions are available via on demand telephonic support and through video counseling, mobile app, work/life web portal and chat functionality.

Our interactive work/life web portal provides information on a variety of topics. Our web-based trainings are available at any time of day and our mobile app allows employees to access services such as counseling and work life resources right from the palm of their hand.

Core Services

LifeServices EAP proudly offers Total Well-Being solutions to help organizations attract, develop, retain, and support employees. In building cost-effective solutions, we help leaders, managers, and employees grow professionally and personally. An EAP is a proven strategy for assisting employees and their families with personal and work-related problems.  We understand that when an employee is overwhelmed by personal, lifestyle or workplace situations, they cannot perform their duties as effectively. Therefore, LifeServices provides 24/7/365-day support by providing mental health counseling services along with life coaching, medical advocacy, work life resources, personal assistant and legal/financial services. Our solutions bridge the gap between personal challenges and business needs – helping employees manage their lives and organizations support their people.

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EAP Results Matter


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affiliate network of professional counselors


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Who We Are

LifeServices EAP joined the AllOne Health family in January of 2021.  For more than 30 years LifeServices EAP has partnered with employers to increase the effectiveness and productivity of their workforce. We are committed to quality, ethical practice, customer service satisfaction, efficiency and value. Our services include Employee Assistance Programs, Professional Development Trainings, Work-Life Programs, and the availability of Wellness Programs.

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana and Nashville, Tennessee, our focus is to support all size employers throughout the United States who recognize the value of a strong face-to-face EAP model and expect prompt access and accountability from their EAP vendor.

Our Differentiators:

We exceed the expectations of our client companies, no matter their size or locations.

We have never lost a client company due to dissatisfaction with our services.

Every person utilizing our services is surveyed. Year after year our QA surveys are returned with a 98% or higher satisfaction rate.

Our services are promoted continuously to ensure a healthy utilization so our client companies attain a respectable return on their investment each year.

Our national network includes more than 30,000 licensed counselors and we continue to grow daily. In addition to having one of the largest networks in the industry, we also own and operate 17 of our own staffed offices throughout the U.S.

LifeServices is a traditional EAP providing local, personalized face-to-face services on a national level. We are the personal service EAP provider employers are looking for today.

Family of Companies

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