Elevate the Employee Experience – Retain Working Parents – Strengthen Performance

Create best places to work for all.

AllOne Health offers premier Concierge and Errand Running benefits to improve recruitment and retention, support remote and hybrid teams, and create ‘best places to work’ for all.

With unlimited referrals for personal assistance and full-service travel booking, Concierge provides modern life convenience so your teams can stay focused at work and take care of what matters most.

Concierge is much more than a referral service.

It helps people find the right service providers and book appointments and services. Tasks move off the to-do list and actually get done.

Lifestyle Support

Make Lifestyle Support part of your whole health solution with our concierge offerings:

  • Travel Planning & Booking
  • Lifestyle & Entertainment Referrals
  • Exclusive Discounts
  • Onsite Perks & Convenience Services
  • Personal Errand Running
  • Maternity Concierge Referrals

A Win-Win Solution

24/7/365 Global Access
Accommodates All Locations with Expansive Coverage and Local Language Support

Flexible Program Models
Hybrid Onsite and Virtual Services Provide Cost-efficient, Smart, and Scalable Support

Align with Culture
Support Values, Inclusion and Total Well-Being

Empowers Working Parents
Maternity Concierge, Errand Running, and Inclusive Caregiving Referrals Provide Invaluable Support

Professional Travel Planning
Provides Next-Level Service, Time Saving Support and Extraordinary Experiences

Onsite Perks & Convenience Services
Boost Morale and Create Best-Place-to-Work Environments

The Proof Is in the Perks

Global management consulting firm successfully launched services with Concierge achieving strong outcomes:

Countries Launched in 2 Months


Increase in Unique Users Over First 6 Months



Leading biotech company experiences increased annual ROI with Concierge:

Annual Concierge Referrals

Hours Saved on Average Per Request


ROI in Time Saved and Productivity

Privacy is protected.

All contact is confidential, HIPAA-compliant, and secure.

A-LIGN ISO 27701 Certified
A-LIGN ISO 27701 Certified
USFCR Verified Vendor