Bold, Blended Wellness For The New Workplace

We are confident that we can provide expert wellness solutions and flexible pricing options to best support the unique needs of your organization.

AllOne Health Wellness Solutions

We need a different approach

Let’s face it.  Organizations around the world have come to realize that focusing on employee wellness is key when looking to increase employee engagement and productivity. If people are happy, healthy and ready for each day of work, they’ll perform at a high level and contribute positively to the organization’s bottom line. But wellness is more than just physical health.  In today’s world, barriers to achieving optimal health can include financial crisis, stress at home, anxiety, grief or even our own belief system.


At AllOne Health, we believe in a holistic strategy to wellness.  Our staff is an alliance of health coaches, dietitians, clinical psychologists and behavioral therapists.  And our depth of resources will now expand to offer your employees wellness webinars, behavior change courses and wellness challenges, all delivered on our new wellness platform, but with the same level of high touch you can expect from AllOne Health.


Wellness Program Options

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