Provider Network Application

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Thank you for your interest in joining the network for AllOne Health and its family of EAP/MAP/SAP companies. We look forward to working and establishing a relationship with your practice.

Once your application has been received, the Affiliate Network Management Team will review your application and if eligible, you will receive a Network Agreement via fax or email to be carefully read, signed, and returned. You will also receive an email link to register for PROVIDERfiles (electronic portal) to become eligible to receive referral opportunities. Your practice becomes fully credentialed with our EAP upon registering for PROVIDERfiles and submitting your signed agreement.

Please select all that you would like to apply for:

¹ Trauma Specialist: short-term, on-site critical incident stress debriefing response; ² Crisis Responder: large scale activations for mass casualty/disasters (note: AllOne Health Crisis Responder training required at some point)