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IMPACT Solutions is a behavioral healthcare & people development consulting firm with an experienced staff of EAP, Student Assistance, counseling, coaching, training, organizational development and medical specialists.

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IMPACT Solutions Total Well-Being Model


IMPACT Solutions guides organizations and their people to improved productivity, performance and retention by helping them SEE their potential. 


SERVE – We believe that excellent customer service begins and ends with individualized attention to people.  Dedicated account management, personalized care and support for your employees, students and their family members is our first priority.   

EQUIP – We believe that knowledge is power. Unlimited access to solution focused /best practice strategies, resources, technology, information and guidance results in self-confidence, enhanced functioning, improved productivity and work/life effectiveness.

ENCOURAGE – We believe that people thrive when a strong support system is in place to meet their changing needs.  In the moment support, on-going case management, follow up and outreach are critical factors contributing to our superior outcomes and satisfaction ratings. 

Our Philosophy

IMPACT Solutions is passionate about exceeding expectations through the highest quality measures. We are committed to individualized customer service which means we tailor our programming to fit the unique needs of our clients.  We believe our team of highly skilled behavioral healthcare providers offer both expertise on the diversity of human behavior and understand the complexity of the organizations we serve. 

Our approach to Employee Assistance/Student Life Assistance service delivery is unparalleled in the industry and has resulted in utilization that exceeds the national average and contributes to our long-standing customer relationships since 1981.

Specialists in Support to Higher Education

Employee Assistance and Daily Living Support for your Faculty and Staff.  IMPACT Student Life Assistance offers affordable solutions to expand reach and options to colleges and universities.


IMPACT Solutions is the official EAP provider of the Inter-University Council of Ohio.

Employee Assistance & Work/Life Experts

The IMPACT Employee Assistance Program is designed to align with each client, including those with multiple locations, to meet their daily organizational challenges and unique personnel needs.

Personalized Medical Guidance (PMG)

Medical and Pharmacy Healthcare Enhancement and Cost Reduction Services.


Specialized Consultation Services

IMPACT Solutions Specializes in Maximizing Leadership Effectiveness and Customized Training Initiatives.

Innovation Through Technology

AllOne Health’s ongoing commitment to evolving technologies allows us to continually improve upon the user experience and efficiency for our clients. Our EAP solutions are available via on demand telephonic support and through video counseling, mobile app, work/life web portal and chat functionality.

Our interactive work/life web portal provides information on a variety of topics. Our web-based trainings are available at any time of day and our mobile app allows employees to access services such as counseling and work life resources right from the palm of their hand.

IMPACT Solutions Core Services

IMPACT Solutions proudly offers Total Well-Being solutions to help organizations attract, develop, retain, and support employees. In building cost-effective solutions, we help leaders, managers, and employees grow professionally and personally. An EAP is a proven strategy for assisting employees and their families with personal and work-related problems.  We understand that when an employee is overwhelmed by personal, lifestyle or workplace situations, they cannot perform their duties as effectively. Therefore, IMPACT Solutions provides 24/7/365-day support by providing mental health counseling services along with life coaching, medical advocacy, work life resources, personal assistant and legal/financial services. Our solutions bridge the gap between personal challenges and business needs – helping employees manage their lives and organizations support their people.

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Who We Are

IMPACT Solutions, headquartered in Cleveland Ohio, joined the AllOne Health family of EAPs in 2020.


IMPACT Solutions was launched in 1981 by its’ founder and former President and CEO, Dr. Joel R. Gecht. IMPACT continues to be one of the more prominent behavioral healthcare firms in the country under the leadership of Luci Styles Payne, Executive Director, and her team of highly skilled professionals.

Who We Are

We are a behavioral healthcare and people development consulting firm with an experienced staff of EAP, Student Assistance, counseling, coaching, training, organizational development and medical specialists. 

What We Do

Since 1981 we have been helping organizations to succeed by empowering their people to thrive through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Executive/Leadership Consulting, Student Assistance and Retention Support, and Workplace Trainings. 

Who We Help

We serve a broad range of clients throughout the Midwest, Nationally and Internationally. Over the years we have worked extensively with organizations of all types and sizes, from a wide range of industries. Our overall niche, where we have exceptionally strong ties and a rapidly expanding client base, is the higher education market where we work closely with personnel at all different levels including HR, student affairs, and executive administration. 

Why Our Clients Use Us

We are widely recognized as a leader in the EAP field. Our objective has always been transparent and clear: to pragmatically understand and address each of our clients’ unique and evolving personnel needs. We’ve found that our clients truly appreciate and value the attentiveness, flexibility, expertise, and wisdom we bring from our years of industry experience. In fact, many of our clients, and their peer institutions/organizations, look to us as thought leaders on a range of behavioral healthcare and organizational development issues related to their respective industries. 

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