Crisis Management


We help organizations prepare to respond when it matters most.

We provide the tools and resources to support organizations, their people, and all those who are connected to them—before, during, and after a crisis event.

Organizational Health

We deliver prompt, expert, and compassionate service in the aftermath of a crisis.

  • Disaster Management Planning
  • Drills, Training, and Exercises
  • Leadership Media Training
  • Global 24/7/365 Incident Notification Line
  • 24/7 Emergency Inquiry Center
  • Accounting for People
  • Next of Kin Notification
  • Business Continuity Notification
  • Non-emergency Inquiry Center
  • Broadcast Communications
  • Onsite Trauma Specialist Support and Response Management
  • Onsite Victim and Family Reunification Center
  • Onsite Family Assistance Center
  • High-profile and VIP Victim Support
  • Response & Recovery Consultation Services
  • Social Media Monitoring and Communications Support

Strengthen readiness and build resilience with comprehensive crisis support.

24/7 Emergency Inquiry Center helps organizations communicate during a crisis

Coordination of mental health support services for all impacted

Crisis communication team helps with outreach, messaging, and media support

Assistance with establishing a Family Assistance and Victim/Family Reunification Center

Expert consultation in developing an Emergency Response Plan (ERP)

International support, covering 240 languages

Our Expertise

Crisis Management services are delivered by FEI Behavioral Health, part of the AllOne Health family of companies.

Recognized internationally as a leader in Crisis Management Services, FEI Behavioral Health has over 45 years of first-hand experience in helping organizations across all industries, prepare for and respond to crises, emergencies, and disasters. FEI specializes in providing crisis management services to a variety of organizations, and is highly-experienced in supporting transportation, aviation, higher education, hospitality, international financial services, manufacturing, and US government organizations.

Your team responded immediately to our call organizing the people and the systems we needed to manage our crisis communications. Time differences are always a challenge when working with international properties,  but (FEI’s Crisis Management) team provided round the clock support. They impressed us all with their responsiveness their expertise and most importantly their compassion.

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