Our Member Portal Provides Instant Access to Benefits

Keep employees, members, or students connected to the assistance program anytime, anywhere.

Our member portal is designed to complement the assistance programs offering a wide range of features to help improve mental health, reduce stress, and make life easier – all easily accessible through our member portal and mobile app.
Schedule a Session – Phone, Online, or Live Chat
24/7/365 access for employees, members, or students to request mental health sessions, and life management referrals.
Privacy Protection
All contact with the assistance program is confidential, HIPAA-compliant, and secure through the member portal and progressive web app.
Progressive Web App
Our Progressive Web App is a website that looks and feels like a native app that you can download to the home screen of your mobile device without even visiting the app store.
Easily toggle between English, Spanish, and French.
Health and Lifestyle Assessments
Our surveys are designed to provide a quick assessment of financial, health, and addiction issues and offer targeted resources and information based on your results.
Interactive Checklists
Offer a useful way to track your progress on well-being, family, and everyday issues.
Events Calendar
Browse and register for upcoming events like live webinars and online training sessions.
Soft Skills Courses
We offer a wide range of free integrated online courses designed for soft skills development including increasing your happiness, time management skills, interpersonal skills, goal setting, and more.
Exclusive Shopping Discounts
Save money on entertainment, gifts, travel, consumer goods, and more.
Resource Locators
Our locators instantly give access to over a million providers focused on childcare, education, elder care, health and more.
Your Profile
This area lets your employees, members, or students manage their favorites and bookmarks, and access saved activities results.
Human Resource Area
Simplify communications and provide convenient access to all your company policies and documents in one place.