10 Questions to Ask Your EAP Provider

When choosing or renewing an EAP contract, it pays to look closely at what is being offered, because not all EAPs are the same. There may appear to be “free EAP” options, but many often cut primary services and value to drive down costs, and create blatant barriers to program access to limit utilization. Watch for fine-print limitations and exclusions, added fees for services, and check employee utilization rates.

Below are ten questions to ask when choosing an EAP provider:

Are counselors available 24/7?

Issues can arise at any moment, which is why AllOne Health’s services are accessible 365/24/7 which allows them to be immediately connected to the resource that they require. At AllOne Health, if immediate counseling is required, employees can telephonically speak with a counselor right away. As well, there are options for texting capabilities, mobile and online libraries of resources.

What type of assistance is available if we have a critical incident?

The point of contact of the organization that requires Critical Incident Response will coordinate with the EAP to decide what response is best from the EAP based on the situation that has occurred. In some cases, the EAP will be on site for group debriefings, individual counseling, and additional resources. There may also be follow-ups based on the responses and incidents that have occurred. The EAP works closes with the point of contact at each organization to ensure that the correct response is being taken to help employees deal with their emotions and move forward from the workplace trauma.

Is manager training included in the package, or do we pay for this separately?

A very helpful portion of services includes Organizational Development and Training. This service is provided by licensed counselors with specialties in various work-related situations. Whether you’re looking to help your staff with their work/life balance or your managers with holding crucial conversations, AllOne Health training can help. Trainings provide concrete skills, while inspiring personal and professional achievement. Our master’s level trainers use adult learning theories and industry research to design and deliver engaging presentation. AllOne Health trainings range from best office practices “Best practices to facilitate meetings” to management trainings such a “Building a culture of trust.”

Do you allow family members to use your EAP services?

EAP mental health counseling provides the resources that an individual might need to get help. Counseling services are available to an employee and their immediate family members 24/7 via their EAP.

Does the EAP provider offer a separate wellness program that features webinars or lunch and learns?

Trainings and Seminars (online or on-site) – experts facilitate sessions covering topics relevant to managers and employees; nearly 100 developed training topics are available in English or adapted for the local language and culture. 24/7 access to webinars and trainings covering not only topics relevant to the workplace, but also helping your employees live their best life.

Does the EAP provide a dedicated Account Manager that we can call with questions?

A full-service employee assistance program provides each organization with a dedicated account manager that ensures that the right program is in place in their workplace.

What is your client retention rate?

99% client retention

What type of training or degrees do the people taking my employees' calls have?

We differentiate ourselves by the service we provide and the in-house expertise of having over 100 masters’ level mental health clinicians, nurses and physicians committed to serving our clients. Experienced in-house clinical staff of highly skilled and certified counselors including LICSW, LCSW, LMFT, LPC, CSAP & more all committed to improved health outcomes for users.

Does the EAP provide reporting on a regular basis?

Utilize state-of-the-art technology for tracking, reporting and customer service feedback to help drive ongoing success.

Will my EAP provider help us in communicating benefits to employees?

At AllOne Health, we pride ourselves on providing high-touch, responsive account management services. The Account Manager assigned to your account will be the go-to for all your needs from AllOne Health and is exclusively supported by a team of experts with operations, customer service, trainings, etc. The Account Manager will reach out to the Point of Contact following the decision for you to move forward with AllOne Health and guide them through the implementation process, including policy and procedure development, roll out to managers and employees and explaining employee communication plan. The Account Manager will be readily accessible to the Point of Contact and, on an ongoing basis, coordinate training, deliver utilization reports, and initiate the complaint resolution process, when necessary. After hours, we are backed up by both internal staff and external professional counselors who can field any concern that is made. After hours, when a manager calls to refer an employee or when a disruptive event has occurred, the Account Manager or someone else from the team is contacted to consult with the Manager.

AllOne Health offers evolved EAP benefits and strategic partnership to tackle these new workforce challenges. Beyond standard EAP offerings, AllOne Health’s EAP for the post-pandemic work world features:

    • All-Inclusive Support:
      AllOne Health’s EAP provides whole person care with mental health counseling, life coaching, medical advocacy, life management, legal and financial consultation, and personal assistant for all employees and family members.
    • Top Technology
      With a game-changing member portal and mobile app, AllOne Health’s EAP delivers 24/7/365 in-the-moment support and all the tools necessary to engage remote and hybrid teams, and provide convenient virtual access to care.
    • Leadership Tools
      Unlimited HR Consultation for workplace challenges, comprehensive training, support for DE&I initiatives, workplace violence prevention, and critical incident response support empower leaders to build high-performing teams and organizational resilience.
    • Modern Marketing
      AllOne Health’s EAP achieves strong engagement with monthly engagement messaging, free webinars, video marketing, social media promotion and year-round mental health awareness campaigns that speak to all generations.
    • Expanded Service Offerings
      Known for nonstop innovation, AllOne Health also offers next-level wellness, popular concierge and errand running benefits, new suite of organizational development services, and student life assistance solutions that can be easily integrated with EAP for seamless and expansive support.

AllOne Health is ready to help leaders tackle what matters most now, prevent the “Great Resignation,” and succeed in the new work world with all new benefits.

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