About AllOne Health®

What if there was a way to drive compliance, reduce your risk, and improve employee health & wellness, all while reducing the administrative burden your company faces in one solution? 

AllOne Health® was founded in 1971 by a group of physicians who provided executive physicals. Over time, additional occupational health services were added, so that a full-scope of solutions could be offered to each client. Ten years post-inception, AllOne Health® acquired its first Employee Assistance Program. Today, AllOne Health® is proud to offer client entities support for both the physical as well as the mental and behavioral health of their employee populations. Through these service lines, we remain committed to our mission to provide an integrated solution that drives health, productivity, and well-being for all organizations. We like to say that we take an employee through the life-cycle of being an employee from a health perspective.

AllOne Health® is the only resource today that has a proven track-record for comprehensively addressing a company’s physical and mental health-related needs – even in the most heavily regulated industries.  Our occupational health perspective, combined with truly unique employee assistance solutions, help you motivate employees to better manage their health and improve their work-related outcomes. 

Even within today’s razor-thin operating margins AllOne Health® services will allow you to achieve better efficiencies, improve productivity, and make a positive impact on the health of your workforce and their families.  Using state-of-the-art technology, AllOne Health® provides a full spectrum of health, wellness, safety, and benefits solutions to solve even the most unusual challenges of our blue-chip client base and the 1.5 million employees they represent. 

Our expansive team of in-house physicians, nurses, clinicians and master’s level mental health counselors combined with our expansive global network of clinics and affiliates are here to support your business around the world. 

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