Backing the Badge is a division of Encompass EAP, an AllOne Health Company. This program supports first responders with the unique stressors, and challenges that impact these professions. Backing the Badge is made up of a team of professionals experienced in working with first responders and their loved ones, with a deep understanding of first responders’ culture, and needs.

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Who We Serve

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Backing the Badge provides mental health and well-being solutions designed for first responders and their loved ones.

Backing the Badge
Services for First Responders

Mental Health Counseling
Work-Life Resources and Referrals
Life Coaching
Personal Assistant
Financial Consultation
Medical Advocacy
Legal Consultation
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Services for the Department

Dedicated Account Manager

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Management Consultation

Critical Incident Support

The Backing the Badge team provides timely and relevant responses to assist supervisors and employees with stressful, traumatic or shocking life events, that significantly impact the work environment. When Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) services are needed for first responders, Backing the Badge helps employees process complex emotions surrounding an event, educate employees around normal reactions to abnormal situations, and provide practical tools on how to cope in the aftermath and restore a sense of normalcy.

Backing the Badge also offers a variety of training programs that can be customized to meet your department’s needs, with broad topics around change management, organizational goals, and specific challenges.