Why Companies Should Boost Their EAP Offerings

April 14, 2013
eap offerings

Why Choose an EAP?

Many companies are choosing to re-energize their Employee Assistance Programs. Why? because an EAP is a cost effective partner for an organization to pro-actively handle multiple workplace situations before they negatively impact employees, productivity, wellness and the bottom line. The marketplace has seen employers expanding their Employee Assistance Programs by offering medical care advocacy along with the customary assistance for a wide range of mental-health, substance abuse and work/life issues.

Lytle EAP, a subsidiary of AllOne Health EAP provides medical advocacy services integrated with the Total Well-Being EAP Model. This integration through one point of contact offers employees streamlined problem-solving assistance for the wide variety of life challenges. Medical Advocacy helps navigate employees through the complicated healthcare system. The Medical Advocate can help interpret test results, answer billing and claims questions, guide through preauthorization, explain a complicated medical diagnosis or treatment regime, advocate with medical systems, interpret prescription medications, advise on medical equipment coverage, assist with care transition issues and much more.

With the inclusion of Medical Advocacy, Lytle EAP addresses the needs of the whole person through one point of contact. Employee Assistance Programs have always been an important part of the equation to reduce the cost of people problems in the workplace. The inclusion of Medical Advocacy completes the circle of care provided through Employee Assistance Programs to continue to reduce the cost of distracted workers. Lytle EAP and AllOne Health’s family of EAPs helps individuals and organizations navigate work, life, and health by providing integrated advocacy, counseling and consulting services.