AllOne Health Partners With Boston Athletic Association to Offer 2014 Boston Marathon Runners Web-Based Emotional Readiness Counseling

April 11, 2014

WOBURN– April 9, 2014 – For a second time since the 2013 Boston Marathon, AllOne Health, a workforce health and productivity company, has partnered with the Boston Athletic Association to offer free web-based counseling services to the B.A.A. runners. On Monday, April 14th, 2014, AllOne Health will present, in conjunction with the B.A.A., a webinar on “Emotional Readiness and Peak Performance”. This webinar is being offered to all runners of the 2014 Boston Marathon as an opportunity to emotionally prepare for this year’s race. Topics of this webinar will include creating strategies for emotional readiness, finding inner strength and happiness, maximizing focus, and alleviating worries and fears. Runners should visit the B.A.A. website for more information, including how to register

Last September, AllOne Health offered runners and volunteers of the 2013 Boston Marathon a free webinar workshop on “coming together” and healing in response to the tragic bombings. The program featured 2 separate one-hour long webinar events, one for the marathon runners held on Tuesday, September 24th, and one for the volunteers, held on Wednesday, September 25th. These events offered participants across the globe an opportunity to come together, share, and ultimately move forward.

Reaching out to assist the B.A.A. community has been a natural fit for Boston-based AllOne Health. For more than 4 decades, AllOne Health has provided support for people involved in disasters and mass casualties including the 9/11 attacks, the BP Oil spill, and natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and the Haiti earthquake. As AllOne Health’s President, Deb Talbot, stated,

“As a Boston-based health services company we wanted to contribute. Since we had the experience and resources to help out, we felt compelled to support our community. I am so glad our resources could be put into action in support of the incredible Boston Athletic Association community and I am honored to continue our support efforts for the 2014 race community, as well.”

It is through vast experience that the AllOne Health team understands how critical it is to stay connected to one another and have opportunities to share experiences in order to be mentally strong. Given the incredible amounts of positive feedback and gratitude from last year’s webinars, and knowing that various emotions would arise leading up to the 2014 race, an updated webinar workshop was an obvious choice for ongoing support of the Boston Marathon runners.

Next week’s webinar will be presented by Barry Beder, MSW, LICSW. Over the past 25 years, Beder has designed and presented award-winning stress management, change management, health and wellness, and safety-based programs for hundreds of corporations, hospitals, and HMOs. Beder was the first health consultant to design and conduct stress management programs for Air Traffic Controllers at O’Hare International Airport. For three years, Mr. Beder acted as the sport psychology consultant for the Boston Red Sox and Harvard Men’s Ice Hockey team. Additionally, Beder has been directly involved in many of the aforementioned AllOne Health critical incident responses. As Beder states,

“Last year, it was about people coming together and learning to move on; and, I am very proud of all the runners and volunteers who participated in the webinars and were willing to tackle and discuss this important event in all of our lives. This year, though, it’s about coming back to Boston – with all of the memories and emotions of last year being brought back up – and being mentally prepared to not just have a good race, but a great experience.

The Boston Athletic Association has done an incredible job in providing support to its community in response to the tragedy, and they have been moved by the tremendous amount of support that has been offered to them from outside resources. As Chris Troyanos, Medical Coordinator for the B.A.A., stated,

“We have worked tirelessly to support our runners and volunteers in response to what happened last year. There would be no race if there were no runners, so we are incredibly grateful to AllOne Health for helping us to provide mental and emotional support to this group. This joint effort will help make April 21st an incredibly positive day for our runners.”

AllOne Health Resources has provided workforce health solutions for over forty years, including occupational health, wellness, employee and student assistance programs, and on-site medical services. They operate in all 50 states and 54 countries across the globe.