Launching Your Corporate EAP Program

January 18, 2023

By Mike Monahan, Vice President of Business Development & Marketing, AllOne Health

Most employees don’t understand what is offered or covered by their company’s EAP program, if they even know they have access to one.

As a business leader or HR Manager, you already know how much work it takes to drive organizational change. How can you make sure your employees know about the employee assistance program you’re launching, understand how to access it, and appreciate all its benefits?

  • An effective implementation strategy encourages user adoption: Choose an EAP provider whose engagement initiatives stimulate utilization. AllOne Health’s employee engagement toolkit, for instance, was created to boost awareness of the many benefits included. It ensures you have all the resources you need to promote your brand-new EAP.
  • As a second step, ensure that the onboarding process is simple, efficient, customized to your needs, and backed by your provider at every step.
  • You should also confirm that an effective communication plan is in place before, during, and after the initial rollout of the EAP program. By communicating regularly with employees – whether it takes the form of promotional emails, webinars, or ongoing educational content – you can prevent a lack of visibility of the many benefits available to plan members.

A reliable provider will not only assist you in getting your EAP up and running quickly, but they’ll also work with you over the long term to help with training, follow-ups, and evaluations that will help build awareness and trust in your program.

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