EAP Affiliate Information

We seek to extend and diversify our network of mental health professionals. We want to partner with you to help us provide world class counseling and wellness services to our clients.

minimum eligibility requirements

Master’s Degree in a Behavioral Health field from accredited college or University or certification for chemical dependency counseling or as a Substance Abuse Professional as defined by the United States Department of Transportation.**

A minimum of 3 years clinical experience post Master’s Degree.

Maintain Active License(s)/Certification(s) and Liability Insurance coverage ($1 mil- $3 mil).

AllOne Health requires a copy of up to date credentials for active participation. (Any termination or restriction of license must be communicated to AllOne Health within 48 hours of notice of termination or restriction).

Current Affiliates


Use the suggested EAP client forms and keep these within your own clinical records. The forms are not required to be submitted back to AllOne Health.


For current affiliates, use the following forms if you need to make changes to your practice.

Connect with a member of our Team

Mailing/Billing Address:

100 North Pennsylvania Ave, Wilkes Barre, PA 18701

Affiliate Network Management Team:

Email: affiliateresponse@allonehealth.com

Fax Number: 339-645-2526

Affiliate Billing Team:

E-mail: Affiliate.billing@allonehealth.com

Fax Number: 339-645-2550

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