Both Employee and Employer Benefit From Using the EAP

June 09, 2015
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Question: What is the benefit to the employee and employer in utilizing the EAP?

At the employer level the EAP is a risk management tool that can save the company money by helping prevent turnover, absenteeism, poor productivity and general morale issues. The return on investment is remarkable. The cost of investing in an EAP program is minimal compared to the savings the company will realize in preventing turnover, minimizing unnecessary absenteeism and improving employee engagement.  A common example we see when working with our clients on managers in training includes discussing job performance issues. Manger brought up that one of the most common problems they run into with their younger employees is bad attitudes.  The EAP can help the supervisor address this issue with their employees. Bad attitude is a job performance issue and should not be taken lightly. It may not be as clear cut as attendance issues are to document, but it can be done. A bad attitude at work is certainly a problem that all employers deal with everyday.  It affects performance, morale and productivity in a big way.  But with an EAP in place, managers can consult on how to address this performance issue and make a referral.

For the employees the EAP is the confidential help that they can access when struggling with personal problems. The EAP counselor will assess the situation and help the employee design a plan of action, give them support in carrying out this plan, and provide resources to help. This process can help get them on the right track and support them along the way. The program is strictly confidential.

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