Living Authentically by Slowing Down and Listening to Your Gut

June 15, 2015

A lot of us are so out of touch with what our gut is telling us that it feels very easy to become lost in a sea of other people’s opinions and voices in our heads.  One way to get back to feeling connected with our intuition is to make a concerted effort to spend some quiet time with ourselves.  Very often if we’re not working or spending time with family or friends, we’re watching TV, glued to our phones texting and emailing, or listening to the radio or news.  But here’s a thought:  Turn your ringer down, let your family know that you’re going off the grid for 10-20 minutes, and find a comfortable position to just sit and be.  Pay attention to your breath and to body sensations, thoughts and feelings.  Notice them without judgment.  Let go of any expectations that you have of yourself or these thoughts. Once you get in the habit of making this quiet time a priority, figuring out what your gut is telling you (and what the difference is between your head and your intuition), will become just a little bit easier (and what a great self-care example you’re setting for your family and friends!).  The wonderful thing about knowing how to tap into your gut is that once you do, nobody can ever take that away from you.  It can become a great tool for helping you to make decisions and even just help you to feel more in tune with your mood and overall health.

If you like to meditate or want to try, this is also a great way to clear some space in your mind and make room for the authentic you to surface.  Meditation is a proven way to slow the mind down, practice accepting your thoughts with a non-judgmental tone, and then observe yourself letting the thoughts go.  It also is a great connector between the mind and the body.  But if meditation isn’t your thing, then try just sitting someplace quiet and being still, tapping into whatever comes up for you.  The more you slow down, the more commitment you’re making to your own self-care, and the results could be extraordinary.