A New Look At Organizational Development: People, Purpose, Performance, Potential

February 08, 2022

This article is authored by Raquelle Solon, Director of Organizational Development for FEI Workforce Resilience, an AllOne Health Company.

Many of you know that when it comes to workforce health, safety and productivity management, AllOne Health® is a powerful partner. But did you know that we also offer Organizational Development? Organizational Development (OD) is in its truest sense, an applied behavioral science of ongoing processes, practices, systems, and techniques designed to prompt change in effectiveness, performance and/or culture.  But how do you get there and what does that mean?

Our OD consultants partner with you under the guided missions of People, Purpose, Performance, and Potential.

For example, your organization is made up of People. It’s through them that you are building success. We provide team building, individual coaching throughout all levels, training, organizational assessments, observations and interviews.

We want to match recommendations to your Purpose. Through review of policies and procedures, gap analysis, interpretations of findings from surveys/assessments, we are able to offer specific recommendations to propel your purpose.

Organizations don’t survive without Performance. Our OD consultants are well versed in organizational transformation, identification of goals, strategic planning, interventions and evaluative measures to increase organizational performance.

Lastly, we strive to bring everyone within the organization to their fullest Potential, which in-turn, increases organizational potential. We do this through leadership development, succession planning, performance management strategies, bench building and booster sessions.

In what we do, our goal is to establish balance between the contributions and concerns of the individuals with the needs and goals of the organization. That is why many of our touch points often include an individual call to action and self-reflection on the impact we, as individuals, make to the organization as a whole.

As the world starts re-opening from the pandemic, it may be time to examine how your processes, practices, and employees have changed.  Like many organizations who’ve contacted us, there’s a regrouping that is occurring within the workforce to navigate the new world and structures around it.

To learn more about how we can assist with your Organizational Development initiatives click here to contact us or you can reach out directly to your account manager to connect you with our OD Consulting team.