Wellness Coaching

An Impactful Way to Expand Your Whole Health Benefits.

A Preventive and Personalized Wellness Solution

Rising healthcare costs demand proactive solutions. Individuals need personalized strategies for nutrition, weight management, fitness, disease prevention, and to enhance overall well-being.

The AllOne Health Solution

Wellness coaching gives employees and their families one-on-one access to credentialed coaches who provide guidance, education, and motivation to reach wellness goals. Wellness coaching is confidential, voluntary, and follows the same session model and program access as your assistance program.

What to Expect

Quick Implementation: Seamlessly integrate our wellness coaching into your existing benefits structure.

Personalized Guidance: Employees gain one-on-one access to certified coaches who provide education and motivation to reach their wellness goals.

Secure Assistance: Our wellness coaching services are confidential and voluntary because each individual’s wellness journey is personal. 

Benefits of Wellness Coaching

There are many ways that employees benefit from wellness coaching, including:

Nutrition Guidance:

From decoding food labels to personalized meal plans, a Wellness Coach provides guidance.

Fitness Tailoring:

A Wellness Coach tailors workout plans to suit individual goals and lifestyles.

Sleep Improvement:

If someone finds themselves tossing and turning, a Wellness Coach helps enhance sleep hygiene for a restful night.

Disease Prevention Strategies:

Wellness Coaches craft strategies to minimize the risk of chronic diseases, providing proactive solutions for well-being.

Weight Management Assistance:

Weight loss journeys are unique; a Wellness Coach offers individualized support, navigating the complexities with sustainable and realistic strategies.

Mindfulness Introduction:

A Wellness Coach introduces mindfulness practices, providing tools to manage stress and foster mental well-being.