How to Increase EAP Utilization Rates

April 15, 2021

Employee Assistance Programs provide employees with help for everyday problems – like stress or substance abuse – that affect job performance. In addition, EAPs integrate with wellness, coaching, work/life , and medical advocacy programs.

Improving the Average EAP Utilization

The national average for EAP utilization – that is, employees who are taking advantage of these programs – has hovered around 3-5%.

On the other hand, at Lytle EAP, a subsidiary of AllOne Health, has a utilization rate average between 8-10% per year. Beverly Brem, VP Operations, explains why Lytle’s utilization rates surpass the norm. “We work with our customers to continually promote the EAP. Consistent, proactive promotion leads to increased utilization rates. There are always employees struggling with one issue or another and we want them to know where to go to get the help they need…Lytle EAP Partners.”

How To Improve EAP Utilization Rates

EAPs are most effective when the organization is fully committed to understanding the scope of services that the employee assistance program can provide and working with the EAP to promote the various aspects of the program. This communication begins at the C-suite. When a program is fully supported from the top of the organization a culture is cultivated where it’s ok to get help for personal problems.

Another important factor in improving utilization rates is partnering with the EAP service provider to deliver management training on how to use the EAP as a management tool. An EAP can be a factor in productivity management and facilitate return to work when fully integrated with risk management initiatives such as FMLA, substance abuse policies, workers compensation, workplace violence policies, ADA, short-term disability, and long-term disability. A full-service EAP delivers all of these proactive initiatives with the resulting value of increased utilization which is then reflected in improved job performance.

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