Recognizing Mental Health Awareness Month

April 11, 2023

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, but bringing greater awareness to mental health and improved access to care is part of our mission all year long at AllOne Health and our family of companies.

According to recent studies, the need for mental health awareness and support continues to climb. Nearly 1 in 5 Americans experience a mental health condition each year, and our nation’s youth are experiencing a mental health crisis.

We are committed to driving positive change, and have created a collection of mental health awareness resources for our clients to share across their organizations and help strengthen understanding and reduce the stigma around mental health:

Along with building mental health awareness and education, it’s equally important to encourage everyone to reach out for personal support. This month is a perfect opportunity to remind everyone of the mental health support and resources available through their employee assistance program (EAP), student assistance program (SAP), or member assistance program (MAP).

Our Assistance Programs prioritize member experience and improve access to care, combining all the benefits of digital mental health and traditional counseling to bring fast, effective, high-quality care for all. Members can request support anytime by phone or through our member portal with live chat.

We also know that everything is connected, and we bring a whole health approach to our EAP and assistance program offerings. Our monthly Insights newsletter covers all areas of whole health and promotes mental wellness all year long.

Everyone can do their part to promote mental health awareness in their workplaces, communities, families, and personal lives. Join the conversation and follow us on social media for more Mental Health Awareness information and resources all month long on LinkedIn and Twitter