Recognizing the Importance of Employee Assistance Programs

June 02, 2022

In honor of “Mental Health Awareness Month,” Robert Sullivan, Mayor of Brockton, Mass., wanted to promote the importance of the city’s employee assistance program (EAP).

To discuss this benefit, the mayor invited Michael Stuart, executive director of AllOne Health—Natick, to be his guest on “Our Brockton.” The City of Brockton offers its employees access to the AllOne Health Assistance Program.

Mayor Sullivan believes everyone is obligated to look after their mental health—and wants all city employees to know about this benefit and how it works.

City of Brockton employees can reach out to their AllOne Health Assistance Program 24/7 by phone or online, where intake specialists will guide them to the support they need. This often includes referrals to mental health counselors, financial consultants, and other professionals. This benefit is free to use and confidential.

Stuart says AllOne Health “partners” with the city. When city employees and their family members have the support they need, the city also benefits.