High-Touch EAP Provider Vs. Free EAP

April 17, 2017
Mental Health Counseling and Coaching

Why Choose an High-Touch EAP Provider?

As we talk to HR Directors and CEOs about high-touch EAP benefits, sometimes we hear this: “We have a free EAP that is included in one of our insurance benefits. No one is using it, so we know that we don’t need a more robust EAP.”

That is similar to a homeowner saying, “No one is using our back porch so why would I build a deck?” Neighbors and friends would be thinking, “Of course no one is using it, there is hardly room for one or two people to stand on the small porch!” A full deck would have room for a table and a grill and seating for friends and family. You can’t even think about doing that with just a little porch.

high-touch eap provider

A High-Touch EAP Provider can be compared to “The Full Deck, with all the amenities.”

So, with that in mind, comparing the utilization of the free EAP to the need for a high-touch EAP, does not make sense. But, as the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for” and this holds true for Employee Assistance Programs. AllOne Health family of  EAPs believes in what we do, and we want people to use the EAP. We want your employees and your organization to benefit from the invest you’ve made.

To facilitate utilization, we consistently promote our services to our clients’ employees. We want everyone covered by the EAP to know that services such as mental health counseling, work/life resources and legal/financial resources are available 24/7 via telephone, video, mobile and web. Our Master’s level staff is available to provide on-demand support for any issue an employee might be experiencing.

Another advantage utilizing a high-touch EAP provider is access to organizational development and training services. The high-touch EAP provides management consultation to guide managers through the process of using the EAP as an adjunctive management tool. Often, the free, imbedded EAP programs, or small porches, do not include this service; however, it is an integral part of what we do. Research shows that when managers refer employees to the EAP, performance and engagement improve. With the consultation and referral process, the employer/employee/supervisor are all working together to resolve problems and assist the employee and the organization.

So, my question would be, why are you standing on the little porch when you could be relaxing on your roomy back deck?

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