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AllOne Health EAP Total Well-Being Model

AllOne Health is redefining the classic Employee Assistance Program by providing a Total Well-Being Model that offers everyday solutions for organizations and their employees. We combine high-touch service offerings with high-tech delivery capabilities in order to address any problem, at any time.

Our total well-being model actively engages our client organizations and their employees in order to create meaningful connections with their EAP.  AllOne Health aims to drive productivity, strengthen teamwork, provide work/life support, and counsel individual and organizational mental and behavioral health; all while exceeding expectations in service delivery.

EAP Model

Doing Things Differently

AllOne Health is committed to making your Employee Assistance Program the go to partner for employees and the organization alike. We are working towards destigmatizing the use of the EAP by offering a wider breadth of services to individuals and the organization. We are going beyond just mental health support by offering everyday solutions for everyday people including life coaching, legal/financial assistance and work/life resources.

As well, we are reducing barriers to access by offering even more ways to for employees to utilize their services via: 24/7/365 telephonic access, video counseling, text support, mobile app and web portal for self-sourced resources. Help is available anywhere, anytime.



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EAP Core Services

AllOne Health helps employees with everyday needs by offering more than just traditional EAP services. We offer a high-touch, high-tech total well-being model which actively engages our client organizations and their employee populations in order to create meaningful connections with their Employee Assistance Program. AllOne Health provides aid in driving productivity, strengthening teamwork and supporting individual mental and behavioral health needs. Our aim is to reinvent EAP and provide an extraordinary service that streamlines your organization’s employee wellness goals.


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EAP – Mental Health Counseling

AllOne Health EAP provides professional mental health counseling help to employees, their dependents and household members for any type of personal problem. EAP services include initial assessment, short-term counseling, referral and follow-up. We provide 24/7/365 access to master-level counselors and we offer a continuity of care model to help make long-term, face to face counseling seamless. Our highly skilled and certified counselors include LICSWs, LCSWs, LMFTs, LPCs, CSAPs and more – all committed to improving mental health outcomes.Mental Health Counseling is available via phone, web, mobile chat and video to support individual mental and behavioral health concerns.

Our master’s level counselors can address issues such as the following:

Emotional/Job Stress
Substance Abuse
Workplace Tension
Mental Health Inpatient and Outpatient Needs

Learn More About Mental Health Counseling

EAP – Life Coaching

Work Life Coaching

AllOne Health EAP is putting a whole new spin on work and life by providing professional coaching services to our clients to help individuals achieve their personal and professional goals. By offering two unique coaching options, AllOne Health EAP is able to address both the issues that individuals might need guidance through at work and also in their personal life.

Life coaching helps individuals address:

Life transitions
Preparing for the next stage of life
Improving communication skills
Active engagement with relationships

Work coaching helps individuals address:

Dealing with difficult coworkers
Managing multiple projects & demands
Effective and respective communication
Stress and time management
Meeting deadlines under pressure

Learn More About Life Coaching

EAP – Work/Life Resources

Creating a perfect work/life balance is a struggle for most employees. There are situations that come up in everyday life that sometimes require additional assistance. Work/life resources and referrals are designed to provide consultations to employees regarding the items they need assistance with.

These items can include but are not limited to:

Child care
Pet care
Housing services
Elder/adult care
And more

Assistance with work life resources and referrals is proudly presented by AllOne Health EAP’s Personal Assistant. This feature includes 24/7 access to a personal assistant consultant via toll free number or web.The personal assistant will research whatever is needed – entertainment options, travel and tourism, household errands and professionals services to name a few. We can handle the task from start to finish to alleviate any unexpected or time consuming issues employees might have that will take away from their lives.

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EAP – Medical Advocacy

AllOne Health EAP’s medical advocacy program is a new approach to maneuvering through the healthcare system. It offers strategies to promote employee health, productivity, and well-being by serving patient populations throughout the entire lifespan and by addressing health problems in every category of disease classification and in all disease stages.

Our professional Medical Advocacy staff can resolve problems and provide a steady hand when employees are most challenged by life events. Employees will have access to licensed social workers, registered nurses, and certified case managers. Members of our network are experts in talking with health insurance representatives, doctors’ offices, claims representatives, health care experts, and community resources.

Our Medical Advocacy program provides assistance with:

Advocacy and Research
Discharge Planning
Elderly and Aging Issues
Care Transition
Medical Appointment Preparation
Healthcare Transportation
Durable Medical Equipment Coordination

Learn More About Medical Advocacy

EAP – Organizational Development and Training

Whether you’re looking to help your staff with their work/life balance or your managers with holding crucial conversations, AllOne Health EAP Organizational Development and Training can help. Our services are provided by licensed counselors with specialties in various work related situations.Our trainings provide concrete skills, while inspiring personal and professional achievement.
Our master’s level trainers use adult learning theories and industry research to design and deliver engaging presentation. We are consistently rated to be “excellent” by our audiences and our human resource partners. Our trainings leave the audience motivated and ready to put learning into action.

Our trainings include but are not limited to topics such as:

  • Change and Transitions
  • Communication
  • Management
  • Organizational Culture
  • Productivity and Innovation
  • Stress and Resilience
  • Workplace Conflict
  • Workplace Safety
  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Wellness
  • Motivation

Along with our trainings and seminars, our EAP counselors are trained in third-party mediation to help provide managers and employees with a neutral third-party to mediate complex personal and business related employee and management challenges.

Learn More About Organizational Development and Training

EAP – Critical Incident Response

Every organization is vulnerable to natural disasters, serious accidents, violence in the workplace, or death of employees. When these unforeseen events happen, AllOne Health EAP can help with Critical Incident Response to help employees and the organization recover and return to work.Workplace crisis or trauma is the physical or psychological response of employees to a crisis or critical incident, which can interfere with normal functioning. Situations which may precipitate trauma include being involved in or witnessing accidents, fires, violent acts, sudden deaths, or any other situation in which security or life are threatened. It is very common for people to experience emotional or even physical aftershocks when they have passed through a traumatic event. When a critical incident occurs, decisive action and thoughtful response can make all the difference.The AllOne Health EAP can provide prompt individual interventions with employees or debriefing sessions with groups who have had a particularly stressful experience. In addition, our team can act as a consultant to management in helping an organization to recover as a whole. In addition to emergency situations, we can provide support for other types of critical upheaval such as on-site layoff support.

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EAP – Student Assistance Program

AllOne Health EAP understands that today’s students balance much more than just schoolwork; and, when students are overwhelmed, stressed, or even just distracted by personal or lifestyle situations, they can’t perform to their fullest potential. We are confident that the AllOne Health Student Assistance Program (SAP) can provide the most comprehensive strategies for a number of issues to help higher education students balance their lives and maximize their potential while decreasing attrition rates. Our Student Assistance Program services provide effective ways to support and encourage your online student members to maintain healthy, positive, and academically rewarding lifestyles.

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Seeing Things Differently

In addition to EAP program services, AllOne Health® provides a true total workplace health and wellness solution.

Regulatory Compliance Exams

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Absence Management Services

Background Screenings

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Who We Are

AllOne Health® knows overseeing the health, safety and well-being of a diverse and mobile workforce can be complex, but we also know that employees are what make a business operate, sustain itself, and ultimately be successful. We are confident that we can provide occupational health expertise, motivating employee assistance services, technical capabilities, and program flexibility to support and encourage your organization.

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