Does Medical Advocacy Make a Difference?

October 05, 2016
medical advocacy

Medical Advocacy: The Benefit that Benefits Everyone!

Lytle EAP has been providing Medical Advocacy solutions successfully as a part of Personal Health Partners for years. When Lytle EAP joined AllOne Health’s Family of EAPs, this benefit continued to grow and evolve and is now a crucial part of the Total Well-Being EAP solution. Why? Because medical advocacy is a benefit for the employees and organization alike. Employees are able to access it for help with dozens of medical related questions and inquiries. And the organization’s HR team is able to provide medical advocacy as part of their benefits offering. The medical advocacy service is a win-win for everyone because it makes a positive impact in employees’ well-being.

AllOne Health EAP has a stellar group of professional medical advocates to help resolve a list of potential problems and provide a steady hand when employees are most challenged by medical events.

Our medical advocacy program provides assistance with:

  • Advocacy and Research
  • Discharge Planning
  • Elderly and Aging Issues
  • Care Transition
  • Medical Appointment Preparation
  • Healthcare Transportation
  • Durable Medical Equipment Coordination

However, we can deal with many other issues relating to medical advocacy, too.

One of our representatives, Kate Scheirman, was highlighted in Community Health Magazine because of how she helped a family in need:

“When Greg and Cheryl received a bill for more than $5000 for Greg’s heart monitor, they turned to Lytle EAP Partners, a part of AllOne Health’s Family of EAPs to get help appealing the bill.”

You can read the full story and it’s positive resolution here “Finding an Advocate: Retired teacher turns to Lytle EAP Partners for help.” Like in the parable about the starfish, Lytle EAP is making a difference to individuals one person at a time. Lytle’s mission is to impact the well-being of individuals and organizations by taking a holistic approach in providing advocacy, consulting, coaching and counseling.

With skilled clinicians like Kate as our front-line staff, we have the experience to create customized materials, programs, and engagement strategies for your organization.

To learn more about the full scope of Medical Advocacy Solutions, click here.