Employer COVID-19 Screening

Having professional resources and a plan in place will help your employees feel confident about showing up to work knowing that extra measures are being taken to monitor their health and environment.

Partner with us for COVID-19 Screening

AllOne Health® has more than 45 years experience including servicing Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 organizations. Enjoy superior customer service with 24/7/365 access to the AllOne Health® team, including MDs and nurses as well as dedicated account managers to ensure program success.

The AllOne Health®screening process always includes our physicians to be on-call in case further guidance is needed.  Not only do we temperature screen your employees but we have them fill out a brief questionnaire that is reviewed by the screener to drive a consistent and thorough process.


Onsite Services

We cover your essential locations with our qualified employees physically at your location.

Tele-Health Services

We remotely screen your employees with our qualified employees.

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