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Sand Creek provides a high-touch, innovative EAP that drives the wellness of your organization.

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Sand Creek EAP Total Well-Being Model

What’s the trouble with Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) today? There’s still a stigma associated with utilizing the service and there are too many barriers to getting the help needed such as time, geography, and costs.

Sand Creek EAP is here to help!

We are re-defining the EAP by offering everyday solutions for everyday people through many channels of access that are designed to help anywhere, anytime.

Doing Things Differently

Sand Creek EAP is committed to serving as your well-being partner. We provide a wide breadth of options to individuals and the organization to help remove the stigma of mental health services with everyday solutions for everyday people.

Organizational Development Services

Sand Creek offers comprehensive services to assist your organization in becoming the best version of itself. Our experienced Organizational Development Specialist, trainers, and clinicians are at your fingertips to assist with a wide array of services.

The Sand Creek Difference

With an overall workplace wellness focus, Sand Creek offers creative solutions to employer groups to help at both the individual and organizational level.

Regional Excellence

Sand Creek EAP proudly provides Employee Assistance services to organizations in Minnesota and the surrounding area. Our effective and proven EAP model of face-to-face counseling services provides the highest quality and highest value, customized program.

On-Demand Support

Sand Creek EAP provides immediate response to employees and organizations in need. Incoming calls are answered “live” by a Sand Creek professional, and licensed master’s level counselors are available to provide on-demand support in any situation.

Innovation Through Technology

Sand Creek EAP’s ongoing commitment to evolving technologies allows us to continually improve upon the user experience and efficiency for our clients. Our EAP solutions are available via on demand telephonic support and through video counseling, mobile app, work/life web portal and chat functionality.

Our interactive work/life web portal provides information on a variety of topics. Our web-based trainings are available at any time of day and our mobile app allows employees to access services such as counseling and work life resources right from the palm of their hand.

Sand Creek EAP Core Services

Sand Creek EAP proudly offers Total-Well Being solutions to help organizations attract, develop, retain, and support employees. In building cost-effective solutions, we help leaders, managers, and employees grow professionally and personally. An EAP is a proven strategy for assisting employees and their families with personal and work-related problems.  We understand that when an employee is overwhelmed by personal, lifestyle or workplace situations, they cannot perform their duties as effectively. Therefore, Sand Creek EAP provides 24/7/365-day EAP support by providing mental health counseling services along with life coaching, medical advocacy, work life resources, personal assistant and legal/financial services. Our solutions bridge the gap between personal challenges and business needs – helping employees manage their lives and organizations support their people.

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Who We Are

Sand Creek EAP joined the AllOne Health family of EAPs in 2019. We specialize in providing exceptional workplace wellness services to support the human spirit at work.

Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is designed to offer face-to-face counseling and consulting to those that voluntarily reach out to us. We are not simply a phone counseling service or online tool type EAP. Thousands of professional counselors form a worldwide Sand Creek network available to deliver personal care and support to you in your community. Our services are administered nationally but delivered locally.

Sand Creek supports the relationship between individual health and overall organizational health. Our Organization Assistance Program (OAP) service extends the reach into the organization and provides work teams with a systemic approach to improve the health and well-being of an organization.

Sand Creek continues to grow and stand out from the current ever-changing market of EAP programs by offering creative and customized solutions and a robust, extended OAP service line. Our effective and proven EAP model of face-to-face counseling services, provides the highest quality and highest value, customized program.

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