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While many organizations already offer an employee assistance program, it’s time to ask, “Is my EAP focused on what matters most now?”

AllOne Health offers next-level EAP benefits and strategic partnership to tackle these new workforce challenges. Download our guide to 5 New Challenges for the Post-Pandemic Work World to help your organization respond to new demands and prepare for what’s next.

5 New Challenges for the Post-Pandemic Work World

The post-pandemic work world demands a whole new approach to benefits. Organizations are facing increased demand for expanded mental health care, remote and hybrid workforce benefits, digital health tools, caregiver solutions and financial wellness tools.

It’s time to take a closer look at what matters most now, and how evolved EAP solutions can make a difference.

1. Breaking down barriers to mental health care

Nearly 50% of adults say the pandemic has impacted mental health and 30% say it has had a major impact. Additionally, three out of five executives believe up to 25% of their workforce will continue to work remotely full-time. AllOne Health offers an EAP with evolved access to mental health care to engage remote and virtual teams, as well as provide convenient access to care through HIPAA-compliant video chat, phone, email and in-person sessions.

2. #ShedtheStigma with year-round awareness

EAP is one of the best benefits, but needs strong marketing and communication to make an impact. AllOne Health’s EAP includes year-round awareness with video campaigns, free monthly webinars, and an expansive library of articles, resources and training to promote mental health awareness and increase EAP utilization.

3. Facing the Great Resignation Head On

The U.S. Department of Labor reports that during the months of April, May, and June 2021 a total of 11.5 million workers quit their jobs. According to Gallup research, 48 percent of employees are actively looking to make a change. With support for whole person care, as well as professional HR consultation and organizational development benefits, AllOne Health’s EAP can partner with any organization to tackle top challenges and improve employee engagement and retention.

4. The Caregiver Crisis Is Taking a Toll on Working Parents

According to the Center for American Progress, “From September through November 2020, the pandemic led to a 144 percent increase in child care-related work absences compared with the same period in 2019, including an all-time high of 93,900 absences during a single week in October.” In addition to these four ways a company can help solve the child care crisis, AllOne Health’s comprehensive and personalized life management referrals cover all areas of child care, elder care, before and after-school care, back-up care and more.

5. Prioritizing financial wellness for all

73% of Americans rank their finances as the No. 1 stress in life, according to a Capital One CreditWise survey. Chronic stress takes a significant toll on health, well-being, focus and performance, and AllOne Health’s EAP offers personalized financial coaching for all individuals, to address underlying uncertainties, build awareness, and work toward financial goals.

AllOne Health offers evolved EAP benefits and strategic partnership to tackle these new workforce challenges. Beyond standard EAP offerings, AllOne Health’s EAP for the post-pandemic work world features:

    • All-Inclusive Support:
      AllOne Health’s EAP provides whole person care with mental health counseling, life coaching, medical advocacy, life management, legal and financial consultation, and personal assistant for all employees and family members.
    • Top Technology
      With a game-changing member portal and mobile app, AllOne Health’s EAP delivers 24/7/365 in-the-moment support and all the tools necessary to engage remote and hybrid teams, and provide convenient virtual access to care.
    • Leadership Tools
      Unlimited HR Consultation for workplace challenges, comprehensive training, support for DE&I initiatives, workplace violence prevention, and critical incident response support empower leaders to build high-performing teams and organizational resilience.
    • Modern Marketing
      AllOne Health’s EAP achieves strong engagement with monthly engagement messaging, free webinars, video marketing, social media promotion and year-round mental health awareness campaigns that speak to all generations.
    • Expanded Service Offerings
      Known for nonstop innovation, AllOne Health also offers next-level wellness, popular concierge and errand running benefits, new suite of organizational development services, and student life assistance solutions that can be easily integrated with EAP for seamless and expansive support.

AllOne Health is ready to help leaders tackle what matters most now, prevent the “Great Resignation,” and succeed in the new work world with all new benefits.

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