4 Reasons Your Business Needs an EAP

March 13, 2019

An Employee Assistance Program (known as an EAP) is a confidential, work-based program that offers mental health counseling, life coaching, work/life resources, personal assistant and additional services. These services are available to employees who are experiencing personal and/or work-related problems or are looking for additional assistance. As well, EAPs act as partners for Human Resource benefits initiatives by providing organizational services such as medical advocacy, organizational development and training. Implementing an EAP for your business is a cost effective benefit that not only provides support to employees but to the organization as well.

Here are four reasons why your business needs an EAP:

  1. EAPs Help Employees Address Everyday Issues
    Providing employees with access to an EAP in your business helps individuals address personal and life stressors that can be affecting their on-the-job performance. There will always be issues that every individual will have to face throughout their life. An EAP can provide numerous solutions to help deal with various stressors such as, but not limited to, financial issues, everyday resources, life issues, mental health issues, life guidance needs or familial conflict resolutions.The EAP is designed to intake all employee issues confidentially and guide the employee to the best resource. This may include life coaching, additional work/life resources, mental health counseling. EAP Counseling and Resources from experts at AllOne Health gives employees on-demand access to experienced in-house clinical professionals committed to improving the overall well-being of the employee and workplace.
  2. EAPs Improve Employee Productivity
    The EAP helps improve employee productivity by providing on-demand support for any issues an employee might have that could be affecting their workplace productivity. Mental Health issues, such as major depression affect up to 7% of full-time U.S. workers. This results in an economic burden of around $210.5 billion per year, according to findings published by the Center For Workplace Mental Health. Mental health issues along with other everyday problems such as having issues finding child care, struggling to deal with insurance billing and other problems can all affect an employees’ absenteeism (missed days from work) and presenteeism (reduced productivity while at work).The EAP has solutions for all those issues. Work/Life resources can aid with childcare. On-Demand mental health counseling allows employees needing help to access a licensed professional via phone, video or chat when they need it. As well, medical advocacy services can guide employees through any medical and insurance-related inquires. The EAP helps provide multiple resources (all in one) to help improve an employee’s performance, productivity, and well-being.
  3. EAPs Support HR in Providing an Improved Workplace Culture
    An EAP is a benefit that not only provides support to employees but also works closely with a business’ human resource team to provide organizational support. This includes organizational development and training that cover hundreds of topics and can be tailored to fit the needs of the business situation. Each business has a dedicated Account Manager, who is a master’s level licensed clinical specialist that works with the human resource team to provide additional services such as medical advocacy, critical incident response and mediation services. The human resources team and EAPs partnership results in the EAP services working to improve the needs of the business and the well-being of the organization
  4. EAPs Provide Enhanced Benefit Offerings
    As we’ve noted above, the EAP is one resource with multiple benefit offerings. This allows employees to address a multitude of issues they might be having, and it also provides a partner for the organization to continue growing business with qualified and engaged team members. In today’s competitive recruitment market, businesses are doing everything they can to find qualified employees and offer benefits for them that will help retain them. Employee turnover can be costly, as a study released by the Center for American Progress found that on average, the costs to replace a mid-range salaried employee (earning $30K – $50K a year) was 20% of their salary. Not only is replacing an employee costly, but the remaining employees will experience a work shift every time a turnover occurs. An EAP is an added benefit that can help address many of the reasons that an employee might have to leave their workplace.

An EAP is an effective partner for any business as it provides additional resources for human resource needs, employee wellness needs and organizational needs. All One Health offers multiple services in one EAP Total Well Being solution. For more information visit our Employee Assistance Program page.

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