Three Big Benefit Shifts for 2022 and Beyond

September 24, 2021

The future of work is here, and AllOne Health wants to help ensure your organizations and teams are set up for success. Here are three big benefit shifts to guide your planning for 2022 and beyond.

Mental Health is Having a Moment

45% of adults say the pandemic has impacted mental health and 55% do not seek treatment. Prioritizing mental health matters now more than ever. New EAP solutions include expanded mental health sessions, improved access to virtual care, and proven tools for engagement.

Reimagined Wellness and Whole Person Care

From financial stress to relationship challenges, physical health to family well-being, it is important to recognize how a variety of life stressors impact each other and affect total health. Leaders are looking to address whole person care, build mindfulness and prevent burnout with reimagined and fully integrated EAP and wellness offerings.

Concierge Benefits for Remote, Flex and Global Teams

Since three out of five executives believe up to 25% of their workforce will continue to work remotely full-time, and ‘work from anywhere’ is on the rise, leaders are looking to new virtual benefit offerings like concierge and errand running to keep remote and global teams engaged and connected. In fact, 32 of the top-ranked Fortune 100 offer corporate concierge and 36% of large companies plan to offer high-touch concierge services, up from 28% one year ago.

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