The world of work has changed.
And so have we.

Having been in the business of care for over 50 years, we know mental health is one of the most important issues of our time. We also know that everything is connected, and our assistance program supports the whole person and the whole organization with a wide range of expansive offerings.

We distributed an annual scorecard to all of our customer
organizations for feedback on our program. Here’s how we did:


My overall rating of
AllOne Health’s
promotional tools.


I would recommend AllOne Health’s Employee Assistance Program to others.


My Account Manager is effective in helping us deal with workplace concerns.

Elevate Your EAP

24/7 In-the-Moment Support

We provide instant access to licensed clinicians to support members experiencing emotional distress or acute mental health concerns requiring immediate attention.

Scheduling Sessions by Phone, Online, Live Chat, or In-Person

Our Member Portal and Progressive Web App provides 24/7/365 access for employees, members, or students to request mental health sessions and life management referrals. We provide options for virtual counseling, including video counseling sessions, telephonic sessions, text with a therapist, as well as in-person sessions for those who prefer face-to-face counseling.

Digital Mental Health & Well-Being Platform & Tools
We provide expansive self-help tools, interactive checklists, financial tools, soft skills courses, and a wide range of articles, information and resources for all areas of mental health and well-being.

Trusted Security and Confidentiality
While many emerging mental health apps are facing serious allegations and potential liabilities surrounding privacy concerns, ethical breaches, and false advertising, our digital mental health is 100% confidential, secure, and HIPAA-compliant.

Mental Health Awareness Promotional Tools and Resources
We help build mental health awareness and education year-round through our new Insights Hub, free monthly webinars, video and social media marketing—learn more at our Resources page.

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