Physician Coaching Services

March 19, 2024
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Physician Coaching Services: How to Change Disruptive Behaviors and Retain Physicians 

Healthcare organizations make it a top priority to prevent the spread of germs. However, a truly healthy workplace involves more than superficial cleanliness. It also requires a healthy and supportive team environment—where everyone can focus on providing optimal patient care. 

However, all too often a physician’s inappropriate or disruptive behavior can lead to an unhealthy or toxic work environment. Left unchecked, these behaviors can alienate nursing staff and pose a risk to patient care and the organization itself. 

It’s helpful to note that behaviors like these have existed in the healthcare profession for generations. They stem from the inherent power imbalance between doctors and nursing staff—and have long been viewed as part of the healthcare culture. 

Things are different today. Behaviors that were overlooked or tolerated in the past are simply unacceptable today. They are known for creating an unhealthy and hostile workplace culture, disrupting patient care, and posing serious legal concerns. 

Introducing AllOne Consulting: Your Rx for Disruptive Physician Behaviors 

To help healthcare organizations recognize and address these behaviors, AllOne Health is pleased to introduce Physician Coaching Services, provided through AllOne Consulting. Our dynamic team includes experts in mental health, human behavior, coaching, management consulting, and human resources. 

We use a multi-disciplinary approach to empower individuals, ensure personal accountability, create harmonious teams, mitigate risks, and build a stronger organization by strengthening individuals and teams.   

Recognizing Inappropriate and Disruptive Behaviors

As a first step, we help organizations and physicians recognize and understand “inappropriate behaviors” and “disruptive behaviors.”  For example:  

  • Inappropriate behaviors are words or actions that can be interpreted as demeaning or offensive. They include belittling or berating statements; the use of profanity or disrespectful or inappropriate language toward staff; or a failure to cooperate and communicate with others effectively.  
  • Disruptive behaviors can occur when “inappropriate behaviors” persist and rise to the level that they become a form of harassment. Disruptive behaviors also include any threatening language or physical behaviors; threats of violence or retribution, throwing things (instruments, charts), and sexual harassment. 

Empowering Physicians by Helping Them Get Appropriate Support 

We work with physicians to help them assess their behaviors and address their causes. For example, inappropriate and disruptive behaviors can stem from: 

  • Everyday challenges, such as sleep deprivation, a heavy workload, personal stresses, poor impulse control, personal biases or intolerance 
  • Mental health concerns, such as narcissism, borderline personality disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, substance abuse, and depression 

To help physicians address these behaviors, we empower them by providing them with the necessary services, including follow-up support to hold them accountable. Our services include:  

  • Behavioral-focused coaching with one-on-one sessions  
  • Appropriate assessments to evaluate behaviors, emotional intelligence, and more 
  • Mid-point consultations to discuss the physician’s progress 
  • Program summaries outlining physician’s engagement 
  • Post-program debriefings outlining accountability and the next steps 

We meet individuals where they are, focus on their strengths, and develop relationships built on trust. Our goal is to help healthcare organizations retain high-performing physicians, create a healthy work environment for all, and avoid potential risks to patient care and the organization itself. 

Ready to invest in positive change?

Physician Coaching services can help your organization address and transform a physician’s disruptive behaviors and build a healthy environment where employees at every level can thrive.  

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