One Team

We bring together a team of doctors, nurses, health coaches, mental health counselors, IT professionals, HR experts and wellness experts to ensure your workforce is ready and able to perform. An experienced team of occupational health certified physicians and nurses, in house MRO’s and master’s level counselors; your AllOne Health® team consists of experts in the field of occupational medicine, emergency medicine, public health and well-being. Our physicians have expertise in all pertinent regulatory areas including: DOT, OSHA, PHSMSA, and HIPAA and take great pride in making a difference to the employees and organizations we serve. Our dedication is rewarded with many long-term relationships we’ve maintained with our clients – some that date back to our founding in 1971.

For more than 45 years, AllOne Health® has been a leading provider of quality occupational health and employee assistance services. As a privately held company,we employ over 250 individuals working from multiple locations around the country. With an average of 20 years’ experience, the members of AllOne Health® leadership team hail from top positions throughout academia, medicine, psychology, HR, IT, consulting, health insurance, and industry. And, as a team, they benefit from a breadth of perspectives and passions – united by a common mission.

In addition to our in-house teams, AllOne Health® maintains innovative partnerships with the world’s brightest companies to bring our clients state-of-the-industry approaches to employee health, safety, and well-being.




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