Mental Health & Wellness: The LatinX Community

September 15, 2023

By: Lisa Maloney

September 15th to October 15th marks Hispanic Heritage Month. It’s also a time to help raise awareness of the mental health experiences and challenges of the LatinX community, to provide information and resources to help reduce barriers often associated with one’s own mental health concerns or those of a loved one. LatinX families often have a sense of cultural pride and/or beliefs of faith that can stigmatize mental health conditions, (and may also encounter obstacles in accessing care) leading them to encourage struggling family members to toughen up and just “snap out of” the difficult emotions they may be feeling. Below are some helpful resources to support the mental health in the LatinX community:

Bilingual or Multi-lingual Websites:

Compartiendo Esperanza” at (National Alliance on Mental Illness). Click here to access this bilingual 90-minute presentation provided by NAMI that aims to increase mental health awareness in LatinX communities by addressing key topics such as signs and symptoms of mental health disorders like anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and depression. They provide guidance on how to talk about mental health and decrease stigma; how to define and achieve recovery; and available resources.

Therapy for LatinX – Click here for a database of therapists who either identify as LatinX or have worked closely with LatinX communities and understands their needs. Like NAMI, the website also offers a wealth of information, news, and resources about mental health conditions and how they relate and pertain to the LatinX community.

Mental Health America – Click here for resources for Latinx/Hispanic communities. It includes general mental health Spanish-speaking resources, including a list of Spanish-language materials and Spanish-language screening tools. The site also contains links to Mental Health America’s general resources, like its Center for Peer Support and its Advocacy Network. Visitors to the Mental Health America site will also find a link to “The Focus on You”, an inspirational blog about self-care and mental health run by a Latina therapist.

Each Mind Matters – Click here for California’s Mental Health Movement. The site provides information and statistics for LatinX populations, as well as Spanish-language factsheets and resources.

More information & resources:

Click here Hispanic Heritage Month: Shedding Light on Mental Health in the Latinx Community to read about LatinX communities’ unique and vastly complex American experience, and the importance of addressing their mental health concerns.

Anxiety & Depression Association of America ~ Click on Latinx/Hispanic Communities | Anxiety and Depression Association of America, ADAA for resources in English and Spanish.

Click on Mental Health Issues Facing the Hispanic-Latino Community for information on the cultural landscape in the US, and trends, barriers, access, and resources for mental health treatment.

 ~ Some content above adapted from “9 Mental Health Resources for the LatinX Community” on