Feeling in a Work Rut? Here’s How to Move Forward

May 04, 2016

We’ve all been there: Most of us are working or have worked for much of our lifetime, so it seems perfectly normal to at times feel as though you may be in a work rut.  However, when you begin to spend much of your time wishing for the future (weekends, vacations, retirement, etc.), you may also be missing out on the good things that are happening in your life in the present moment.

Here are some steps offered by the wise Deborah Chalk on the Deepak Chopra website to help you appreciate your life, today—and to help you make some tweaks to your day-to-day routine so that you no longer feel the urge to be plagued by current anxiety or be constantly trying to live in the future.

  1. The first step is just to get aware:  What are your thoughts?  Are you consistently living for Friday?  What are your thoughts telling you about how you’re living your life at this moment?
  2. The culture of a workplace can also have a lot to do with our morale, of course.  If everybody is wishing for Friday then how can you not do so as well, right?  Take stock of when you are being affected by the attitude of others.
  3. Think about what you do on the weekends that is so enjoyable, and then try to see if you can incorporate some of those fun things into your work week as well (maybe go for a bike ride after work, wake up early and paint your nails, read a favorite book before bed, have coffee with a friend during lunch, etc.).
  4. Dream big!  Why not?  Think about what would make you jump out of bed with excitement on a Monday morning and then go after that dream!
  5. Take the tiniest step towards that dream.  It can be something really, really small.  Write down your dream on a piece of paper and put it in a place where you can see it.  You don’t even have to know exactly how you will reach that goal just yet, but begin to get clear about what it is that you actually want. When you take a step towards that dream stop and praise yourself instead of just moving on to the next goal!
  6. There are some things in our control, and other things that are not.  Is there is any discontent coming from how you care for yourself throughout the week?  If so, make more of an effort to nurture both your body and your mind for improved well-being.  Don’t shrug off these things; focusing on your own “self-care” is not selfish!  The better you eat, sleep and move your body, the more that you’ll be able to handle whatever comes up at your job.
  7. Even if you have to force it a little bit to start, become more present in the moment by asking yourself:  “What is there to be grateful for right now?”  You may have to practice but eventually this becomes easier over time.
  8. If you’re telling yourself that you just you can’t escape from the work that you’re doing, try to challenge those beliefs.
  9. Become inspired.  Find people who love what they do and let them become an inspiration to you.  It is possible to love your work!
  10. Doing some visualizations can be a great tool to help you get back on track to a better day.  Start by visualizing an ideal day where you no longer feel like you want or need an escape.  Begin your morning routine and take yourself all the way through the evening to use your senses to imagine what this could feel and look like.

It’s easy to become stuck in a world where we feel like discontent in our job is just something that we have to “suffer through.”  But it doesn’t necessarily have to be the norm.  It’s about taking steps every day to see the best in others and yourself, to nourish yourself with connections, hobbies, and inspiration, to go for your dreams, and to make the most of your current position, whatever that looks like.Want to know more?  See the full article here