Disruptive Professionals Coaching

Positive Change in Challenging Personalities.

Addressing Disruptive Professionals to Transform Workplace Dynamics

High-performing professionals with disagreeable attitudes and hostile behaviors create toxic workplaces, alienating coworkers and posing a significant risk to the organization.

The AllOne Consulting Solution

Our result-oriented behavioral coaching program intervenes with mid-to senior-level professionals, creating positive behavior change and minimizing workplace risks. We meet individuals where they are, developing a trust-based, strength-focused relationship.

What to Expect

Behavioral-Focused Coaching: Weekly then bi-weekly sessions to address disruptive behavior.

Personal Assessments: Behavioral, Communication, and Emotional Intelligence assessments incorporated as appropriate.

Mid-Point Consultation: Check-in with sponsors to discuss progress.

Program Summary: Detailed review outlining participant engagement.

Post-Program Debrief: Consultation with sponsors to align on accountability and next steps.

Benefits of Disruptive Professionals Coaching

Cultural Transformation:

Convert toxic environments into collaborative, positive workplaces.

Harmony in Teams:

Foster cooperation and unity, reducing conflicts and disruptions.

Risk Mitigation:

Address disruptive behaviors, reducing legal and reputational risks.

Personal Empowerment:

Support professionals in developing positive behavioral changes.

Transparent Accountability:

Ensure accountability through program summaries and post-program debriefs.