Designing Teamwork Program

Boosting Team Performance Together.

Fostering Collective Excellence

Teams often suffer by focusing on individual employees rather than collective performance. Transform your team dynamics with our Designing Teamwork Program. We go beyond individual contributions, focusing on collective excellence. Discover a tailored journey for purpose-driven success.

The AllOne Consulting Solution

Guide teams towards collective impact, integrating Purpose, Values, Operating Model, Processes, and Cultural Working Agreements for stronger collaboration and purpose-driven success.

What to Expect

Kickoff Session: Engaging session exploring Purpose, Values, and Organizational Structure.

First Group Session: Values-focused discussions to foster Cultural Working Agreements.

Micro-sessions: On-demand dives into Strength-based Organizational Strategy.

Second Group Session: Explore Working Genius and DISC assessments for process enhancement.

1:1 Coaching: Personalized support for lasting teamwork habits.

Benefits of Designing Teamwork Program

Enhanced Collaboration:

Foster a collective approach to boost overall team performance.


Purpose-Driven Success:

Align Purpose, Values, and Cultural Working Agreements for meaningful outcomes.


Efficient Processes:

Utilize assessments for process enhancement and tailored organizational strategies.


Lasting Teamwork Habits:

Personalized coaching for sustained and impactful teamwork.


Improved Communication:

Values-focused discussions for clear and effective team communication.