Advocates Improve Workplace Well-Being

January 25, 2016
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Well-being at Work

The idea sounds terrific, yet what does it really mean and what does it look like? Well-being at work is a comprehensive idea that applies to organizational policies, practices and culture.

One area where individual well-being is impacted is our rapidly changing health care system. This increases the stress on individuals as they navigate their healthcare choices. We often see employees are distracted by their own, or their family’s healthcare concerns and thereby struggle to keep up at work.Workplace responsibilities overlay these personal crisis and everyday responsibilities. In addition to the practical challenges associated with medical concerns the emotional impact takes its toll. Emotionally, medical responsibilities tap our deepest family ties and fears. This overwhelming emotional toll impacts employees every day.

Medical Advocacy Services

Employers who understand that human beings come to work bringing their healthcare and caregiving stressors with them, also see the effectiveness of providing medical advocacy services. Employees who have the support of a medical advocate when needed see that their organization supports their own well-being. When an employee sees these caring services coming from their employer, it impacts their connectedness, engagement and well-being.

AllOne Health’s medical advocacy program, is designed to do just this: assist employees dealing with these issues. This can include the everyday questions about benefits, understanding claims, medical durable equipment, elder care placements, along with the management of life threatening illnesses. Our advocates can help navigate all aspects of medical care. Your employee will not feel alone because of the support of their medical advocate. We provide a steady hand to guide and support them when they are most stressed. Because these personal concerns are taken care of, the employee can concentrate, produce and engage more fully in their job.

Do you have an advocate for well-being in your workplace?