Using Interpersonal Skills to Foster a Healthy Workplace Culture

Healthy work relationships play an important role in creating a positive workplace culture. As a manager or supervisor, you play an important role in strengthening workplace relationships and leading by example.

Skills that help foster healthy workplace relationships are often referred to as “soft skills” or interpersonal skills. They can help you interact with others effectively and create a positive, supportive, and productive work environment. They are different from the “hard skills” that refer to technical skills or job-specific knowledge.

While extremely valuable, soft skills are not always taught. Here are a few tips to consider that can help you strengthen interpersonal skills and foster a healthy workplace culture:

  • Communicate effectively: While it’s important to convey ideas, information, and deadlines clearly and effectively, good communication skills also involve active listening and responding with empathy.
  • Promote teamwork: Foster collaboration by inspiring team members toward common goals. Also, encourage them to share ideas and support each other when needed.
  • Strive to develop emotional intelligence: Learn to recognize, understand, and manage your own emotions and help others do the same. It’s also helpful to have strategies for managing emotions in stressful times. For example, it’s helpful to take a step back before reacting.
  • Help team members find the support they need. People can face personal challenges that interfere with their ability to focus on work. At times like these, remind them about their Assistance Program—and how it can help them address life’s many challenges.

It’s also helpful to note that your Assistance Program supports managers and leadership teams. Your account manager can advise you on challenging situations and provide their clinical expertise and organizational knowledge to recommend appropriate next steps, such as making mandatory referrals or providing support after a critical incident.

To learn more about these services, please reach out to your account manager or visit Member Support.

Using Interpersonal Skills to Foster a Healthy Workplace Culture – Insights Newsletter