Understanding the Mind-Body Connection

In the past 30 years, studies in medicine and psychology have made great strides in recognizing and appreciating the mind-body connection. This is the belief that our thoughts, feelings, and emotions influence our physical health—and that our physical health influences thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

This recognition of the mind-body connection has led to a transformation in healthcare, that addresses the whole person, beyond just their physical symptoms. For example, studies have shown that our thoughts, feelings, and emotions influence our blood pressure, heart rate, and sleep quality. Traditional medicine typically treats these symptoms with medications. A whole health approach considers integrating other evidence-based therapies, such as talk therapy, physical activity, and wellness strategies including healthy eating, mindfulness, yoga, and massage.

This whole health approach is not intended to replace traditional medicine, but rather enhance it. It also encourages people to take a more active role in strengthening their whole self.

Consider the following ways to build your personalized, holistic approach to wellness:

  1. Take time to assess and reflect on your mental health, physical health, and behaviors, recognizing the interconnected nature of these aspects, and how they are influenced by various factors in your life.

  2. Develop individualized health goals that encompass mental, physical, and behavioral well-being. Consider setting targets for improved relationships, financial wellness, and a supportive environment.

  3. Enhance your understanding of overall health. Seek out and engage in workshops, training, and webinars focused on holistic well-being, covering topics like stress management, nutrition, and financial health.

  4. Create a personalized health plan that addresses mental health and physical health goals, incorporating actions to positively impact various areas of your life, such as relationships and surroundings.

  5. Explore counseling services for support during life transitions and personal growth. Acknowledge the influence of relationships, career changes, and significant life events on your overall well-being.

If you’re looking to make positive changes, your Assistance Program is here to help. Our whole health approach recognizes that mental health, physical health, and behaviors are all intertwined. And they’re influenced by your relationships, finances, surroundings, and other aspects of life.

By taking advantage of this free and confidential support, you can address any underlying issues and stressors, avoid unhealthy thought patterns, incorporate healthy lifestyle changes, and find greater fulfillment in life. We can even help you figure out how to get started.

To learn more or to access these services, please contact Member Support.

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