For the New Year and New Semester, Focus on Your Whole Health

By Holly A. Brown, Ph.D., CRC, Account and Higher Education Manager, Impact Solutions, an AllOne Health Company

As the new year and new semester start, it’s a good time to focus on ourselves and the idea of whole health. To start, think about what truly matters to you. What do you do that gives you your purpose or your “why”?

If we can understand our “why,” it empowers us to make healthy choices in all areas of life—and that leads us to engage with what truly matters.

If you want to embrace whole health in the new year, consider looking at these eight areas of focus:

  1. Moving your body
    There are many benefits to daily movement, but it’s especially important for physical health and stress relief. Rhythmic movement, where you move your arms and legs at the same time, is best. But any movement is helpful.
  2. The power of your mind
    Make your mind your ally­—instead of your enemy. Prioritize your mental health, practice mindfulness, and reach out for support using all avenues available to you. Remember, self-care is not selfish!
  3. Fueling your body
    Select the right foods and drinks to fuel your body and keep yourself healthy and energized.
  4. Your surroundings matter
    Notice your surroundings and connect your daily life to your greater purpose in any way that you can. Your surroundings should be encouraging and supportive. Safety is key. You will not flourish in an environment where you do not feel safe.
  5. Relationships
    Surround yourself with the right people. This will increase your overall happiness, mood, and well-being. Try to surround yourself with people who provide support and encouragement—not those who make you doubt yourself.
  6. Financial wellness
    Financial health means you have the ability to reach your goals, take advantage of opportunities, and can find the flexibility to pursue your dreams. Financial well-being can have a strong impact on our physical and mental health.
  7. Skills and abilities
    Know what you’re good at! Further developing these skills and abilities will help you feel grateful and empowered. Why focus on your weaknesses? It makes more sense to focus on developing your strengths, skills, and abilities so that they can be leveraged by others.
  8. Rest and recharge
    This one is immensely important to your whole health and in supporting all of the other areas of focus. If you do not get enough rest and take time to recharge, you will not have the time or energy to focus on your whole health.

For help in strengthening any area of whole health, your Assistance Program is here. Reach out anytime for confidential support.

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