Building Engagement & Awareness Year-Round

Your Assistance Program offers a wide range of resources and support services to address whole person care, strengthen well-being, and build connection and engagement across the organization. To help make sure that everyone is aware of the services available, communication is key. Here is a quick summary of some promotional tools and strategies to promote your Assistance Program services throughout the year.

Insights Newsletter

Promote mental health awareness year-round by sharing your Insights monthly newsletter. Featuring a monthly theme, videos, and content from subject matter experts on all areas of whole health: mental health, physical health, financial wellness, family care, lifestyle support, and organizational health, the Insights newsletter is intended to remind everyone of the wide range of support and resources available for any issue impacting well-being.

This monthly newsletter is delivered via email, and can be forwarded to all staff, teams, employees and even family members, shared on internal sites and channels, and included in any organizational communications. Visit the Insights Hub, for anytime access to all monthly newsletters, search topics, and use these resources for your year-round communication and engagement strategies.

Bi-weekly Webinars

AllOne Health’s team of expert in-house clinicians produce and present free monthly webinar topics on trending topics across all areas of whole health. These webinar invitations are included in the monthly Insights newsletter, and on the Webinars Page of the website.

Social Media

Follow AllOne Health on LinkedIn and Twitter, and feel free to engage, comment, and share posts with your organization or network. AllOne Health regularly posts on mental health awareness, financial wellness, whole person care, and a wide range of special observances across social media.

As many organizations are looking to strengthen diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, leaders have been building communication and engagement plans around special observances throughout the year. To help with strategic planning around these goals, this calendar includes a comprehensive list of special observances to review. To learn more about additional promotional tools available, including digital flyers, video orientations, and benefits communication materials, reach out to your account manager anytime.

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