by Ryan Atherton, Account Manager, FEI Behavioral Health, an AllOne Health Company

Stress and change are inevitable. However, our ability to cope with stress and change—as well as life’s many other challenges—can be strengthened by focusing on key areas of overall wellness: physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual. Developing these specific areas can help people feel more whole, connected, and resilient.

Physical Wellness

Sound nutrition and regular exercise are essential factors in physical wellness—as is the ability to relax and truly rest. Try to take some quiet time for yourself every day, with no TV, phone, or other interruptions. Also, be sure to get enough high-quality sleep.

Emotional Wellness

Emotionally healthy people often express themselves in a positive way and communicate clearly, without making others feel defensive. Being assertive is also important because this allows you to express your emotions appropriately as they occur. Being direct and clear with others can also help reduce anxiety and anger, allowing us to remain emotionally balanced and reduce mood swings. It also helps to maintain a sense of humor about yourself and life in general.

Intellectual Wellness

The way we think, feel, and act is all interconnected. Intellectual health is based, in part, on the ability to see something positive in any situation. Remember to use the power of positive thinking. Here are a few tips to optimize your intellectual health: avoid irrational beliefs, all-or-nothing thinking, jumping to conclusions, or blaming yourself or others for negative events. It’s also helpful to avoid “if only” and “what if” thought patterns.

Social Wellness

Social health is based on relationships with other people: family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors. Sharing feelings, joys and burdens is very important to overall wellness. Try to reach a balance between work and home responsibilities. Keep in mind that the only way to have a friend is to be a friend. This means taking time to foster and develop friendships with others. By providing friendship and support to others, you create your own support system.

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual health involves believing in something greater than ourselves, which can help move people toward a sense of wholeness. Spiritual health can provide hope, courage, enthusiasm, contentment, and reflection. Life is full of ups and downs and inevitable struggles, and numerous studies link spirituality as a factor in overcoming adversity and coping with hardship.

Your Assistance Program is an excellent tool for helping you address all areas of whole health and improve your overall wellness. Contact your Assistance Program for confidential and personalized support.

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