Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

July is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. This observance was created to raise awareness of the unique and ongoing stressors that some minority groups face, which negatively impact their mental health.  

It’s helpful to note that mental health conditions can affect anyone regardless of their background, culture, or identity.

However, due to many larger socioeconomic issues, individuals in some minority groups face a disproportionate number of stressors to their mental health, which often begin early in life and continue into adulthood. Examples include an inability to access safe and affordable housing, schools, transportation, and neighborhoods.

In addition, individuals from some minority groups are less likely to receive appropriate mental health care, for a variety of reasons: Long-standing stigmas within their culture. Lack of insurance or access. Lack of diversity or cultural competency among mental health providers.

By raising awareness and encouraging discussion, Minority Mental Health Awareness Month seeks to promote a greater understanding of these underlying concerns so we can all work together in resolving them.

At AllOne Health, we want to remind everyone, especially our members from racial and ethnic minority groups, that your Assistance Program can help you strengthen your mental health and manage life’s many other challenges. To learn more about these free and confidential services, please visit member support.

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