Motivation doesn’t happen to us.

That’s the bad news… the good news is that we can create our own motivation through our behaviors. How do you get started? Your reasons to change need to be greater than reasons to stay the same. Start by taking small steps consistently. Focus on what you can do now vs what is lacking. Explore what you truly love instead of forcing yourself into someone else’s plan.

Change your perspective on what is progress.

We put too much emphasis on big defining moments and underestimate the value of daily minute improvements. Progress comes from the seemingly minute day to day decisions. Years from now the benefit of good habits and cost of bad habits is realized. Choose goals that are realistic for you now and set SMART goals each week to keep you moving forward!

Create a better system to achieve your goals.

The problem isn’t you, it’s your system! When we develop a system (a routine, way of going about a task), those daily habits that we want to engage in are put on “autopilot”! Know that your system will fail from time to time and use that as a learning opportunity. Focus on repetition, not perfection as continuous refining of your system.

To stay motivated and consistent with your health habits…
  • Remove barriers -make the desired action easy and the undesirable action hard
  • Put the good habits on autopilot with an efficient system
  • Stack your habits, pairing your new habit with something you already do
  • Find an accountability partner
  • Review and adjust your system often!

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