During life’s challenges, it is important to have strategies that help us regroup and keep perspective. Here are six tips to help manage stress and get recentered. 

1. It is normal to feel what I am feeling.

Allow yourself the opportunity to identify and process what you are experiencing, affirming that what you are feeling is a natural human response. During challenging times, we can feel a variety of emotions simultaneously: uncertainty, frustration, anxiety, fear, grief, powerlessness, and anger, among others.

2. I am not alone.

Affirm that other people are experiencing similar things that you are. When we are going through challenges, it is the time we need to reach out and connect with others. Support helps us feel a sense of community. 

3. Determine what you can control and what you cannot control.

A lot of time, effort, energy, and thought processing is invested in things we cannot control. Focus on what you can do something about. Set small, reasonable goals. You are not denying things are going on that you cannot control, you are just not making them your priority of focus. Do not allow circumstances to limit you.  

4. Recall how you made it through challenging times in the past.

Remember the times you have made it through challenging circumstances. Pinpoint what helped you get through the difficult time. This can create a sense of hope and encouragement. Use the wisdom gained from past challenges and implement it when facing new challenges. 

5. During challenging times, it is important to do a daily gratitude list.

Taking time to identify the positives we have in our lives can help improve our perspective. This allows us to identify what is dependable and consistent in our lives that we can build on.  

6. Self-care.

During challenging times, we often forget to focus on our self-care. Focusing on increasing our self-care is key to replenishing. Getting back to basics such as healthy nutrition, hydration, plenty of rest, exercise, engaging in meaningful activities, and staying connected is key. 

As our resiliency is strengthened, we can more effectively navigate life challenges.