10 Creative Ways to Promote Your Assistance Program

Your Assistance Program is one of the best-kept secrets in your benefits package, with a wide range of resources to improve mental health, reduce stress, and make life easier. But all too often, information about this important benefit gets buried in a handbook or goes overlooked. To prevent that from happening, here are 10 creative ways to build program awareness and usage:  

1. Spread the good news.

Share information about the Assistance Program across multiple communication channels, including internal messaging sites. This is also a good place to share our monthly newsletter, Insights.

2. Go mobile and social.

Use text alerts and social media, especially during special observances like Mental Health Awareness Month. Also, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter—and please like and share our posts.

3. Integrate with other benefits.

Get strategic with cross-promoting services amongst all providers, with convenient links on portals and platforms, and integrate total well-being benefits.

4. Use video marketing.

Share links to new monthly well-being videos from AllOne Health across internal messaging, your website, and social media.

5. Refresh onboarding.

Bring well-being to the forefront during recruitment, hiring, and training, by sharing information on service offerings and how easy it is to access benefits.

6. Reduce the stigma.

Promote total well-being with year-round campaigns and inclusive messaging.

7. Lead by example.

Take full advantage of your Assistance Program and encourage others to do the same. Let others know how this program provides easy access to information, resources, and referrals.

8. Get the family involved.

Make sure they know the Assistance Program is also available to family members, too.

9. Connect with your content teams.

Share free articles and resources with your content teams for your internal communications and outreach campaigns.

10. Promote our monthly webinar.

Send reminders for free monthly webinars, which provide helpful information and tips on a wide range of mental health and well-being topics.