The following information is sourced and adapted from the Transgender Law Center’s, “Tips for Working with Transgender Coworkers.”   

Transgender people are employed in every industry and profession throughout the country and deserve a safe and inclusive workplace. Although an increasing number of states have passed laws prohibiting employment discrimination based on gender identity, many transgender people still face pervasive harassment and unfair treatment in the workplace. Helping to ensure that your workplace is free of discrimination and harassment can be straightforward.

  • Demonstrate Respect
    Transgender coworkers do not expect any special treatment.
  • Recognize the Difference
    Between your personal values and the community values of your workplace.
  • Respect Privacy
    Be sure to respect your co-workers privacy and confidentiality.
  • Help Each Other
    Try to help co-workers who are having trouble with another employee’s transition.

Download this guide to learn more tips to help organizations comply with the law while making workspaces safe and welcoming for all employees.