Tips for Managing Stress Before It Manages You

The new semester presents all kinds of new opportunities and challenges. But what’s new and exciting now can quickly become too much—especially as the weeks turn into months, and then it’s the end of the semester.

Here are a few tips to help manage common challenges and what to do if you feel things piling up:  

Stay organized.
Creating a healthy personal environment by having an organized dorm room or apartment helps. Messy surroundings often contribute to stress.

Develop routines.
Focus on the basics: healthy eating, sleeping, and hygiene. Then build on that by scheduling time for classes, studying, exercising, and socializing.

Stay connected.
Who is your support network? It’s great to be self-reliant, but it’s also important to have social connections. Friends and family members can help you talk through everyday challenges and help you address them before they escalate.

Keep things in perspective.
Grades are important, but they’re not everything. If you find yourself struggling with workloads, exams, or other academic pressures, it’s helpful to reach out to professors, tutors, or study groups.

Get familiar with your Assistance Program.
This free and confidential benefit provides easy access to support services to help you manage mental health concerns and life’s many other challenges. To learn more about this important resource, please visit Member Support.

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