Promoting Financial Wellness In Your Organization

Your role as a supervisor or team leader comes with a variety of challenges. One of the more intangible challenges is knowing how and when to refer people to their Assistance Program.

With April being Financial Literacy Month, it’s a good opportunity to remind people that their Assistance Program supports more than mental health. It also supports financial health.

Financial health is all about juggling today’s finances—while planning for the future. Remind people that financial counseling can help with budgeting, buying a home, paying off debt, managing taxes, and saving for retirement or tuition.

If you become aware that someone is struggling financially, it’s especially important to make them aware of these services.  Many people are hesitant to seek financial counseling because they don’t understand what it entails.

When discussing your concerns, be supportive and non-judgmental. Also, remind people that any information they share with a financial counselor will remain confidential and secure.

Keep in mind that your Assistance Program also offers a wide range of support services, including training services and consultations for leadership teams. Please reach out to your account manager for additional support.