Being an effective leader requires many skills that are difficult to describe and quantify. For example, it’s helpful to be relatable and approachable and to set a good example. It’s also helpful to know how to support and mentor people.

When you can help people find the support they need, you empower them to improve their circumstances.

That’s why it’s so important to make your team aware of their Assistance Program—and how it’s designed to help people manage life’s everyday challenges.

Many people know that their Assistance Program provides mental health support. But this one is different. It’s more expansive. By using a whole health approach, this Assistance Program is designed to help people strengthen their mental health, transform their physical health, build financial wellness, and find support for personal and family challenges.

By guiding people to the right resources, you can help them solve problems, learn new things, and adapt and thrive in our changing world.

Also, did you know that your Assistance Program includes personalized support for managers and supervisors? Reach out to your account manager who can help you find the support you need to be a more effective leader.

Remember, all services are free, completely confidential, and accessible 24/7/365. To help your team members find the support they need, encourage them to visit Member Support.

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